For Rent H1 For Trips And Travel

H1 airport reception 

Tourist company offers van H1 rental service for trips and travel 01003203210

It provides a service to receive visitor from Cairo international airport and Borg el Arab airport in Alexandria.

The company tourist car has along experience in the field of car rental and tourist buses, which made it the ideal

choice for customers. After

The Egyptian company for transportation and trips is one of the tourist transport companies in Egypt. 01003203210

For rent van H1 for tourist trip has advantages:01003203210

First the transportation of passengers at high level of professionalism and safety.

Second its interior space can accommodate 7 passengers. After

Third it allows the customer to travel to all the summer areas.

Fourth it has a large space to carry luggage and equipment with the new look of the 2020 model.01003203210

The best choice for tourist trips and travel in the rental of van H1 01003203210

The company offers discounts on recreational trip in Cairo, such as In addition ( pyramids , new museum, Cairo

tower, However Tourist bazaar, khan Khalili and horse riding ) and also trips (Sharm el Shaikh, The coast,

Alexandria, Gurghada)

The company also sterilizes van H1 before reaching your presence, in order to ensure your safety. 01003203210

Specification H1 airport reception

H1 Airport Reception 4 Rental
Van H1 to Transport Alex , North Coast

*Van H1 is air conditioned and equipped. 01003203210 After

*The chairs are comfortable for the road of travel and excursion.

The company’s goals is to make the customer comfortable in choosing the appropriate bus and we are

keen to avoid any problems during trips. we also have employees who follow the customer moment After

by moment to avoid problems and implement customer requests. 01003203210 However

The company also provides you with a 24 hour rental service Van H1 Rental In addition

we provide you with the cheapest rental service in Egypt with a driver to suit everyone.

All drivers working in a company with the highest level of experience and knowledge

of all roads and have a first class drivers license.01003203210 In conclusion

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For reservations you can contact us at : 01003203210 you can also contact us via Whats App on the same number.