Monthly rent Mercedes cars

Monthly rent Mercedes cars

Rent Mercedes Monthly | Grand Cherokee rental, Toyota Fortuner rental, Pajero 2020 rental

If you are looking for a car of pleasure, luxury and luxury, we provide you today with all types of Mercedes cars, the latest model

We have the ability to rent a Mercedes monthly, daily and yearly upon request

Rent Mercedes with driver, rent Mercedes without driver, rent Mercedes in Cairo, rent Mercedes 2020

A reception service is available from Cairo airport for tourists and visitors and delivery to any place inside Egypt

therefore, we have drivers who are trained and equipped at the highest level and can speak a foreign language,

who are accurate and do not miss their appointments

Monthly rental of Mercedes cars for companies and businessmen

Tourist Car Limousine Company for Tourist Rental is the largest leading company in the field of car rental,

so we have the largest fleet of cars for rent with the latest model

(Mercedes GLC – Mercedes E200 – Mercedes S500 – Mercedes C180 – Mercedes GLK)

We have a discount on monthly and annual Mercedes rent for companies and businessmen

We also have all 4×4 vehicles (Jeep Grand Cherokee – Mitsubishi Pajero – Toyota Land Cruiser – Toyota Fortuner

Mercedes monthly rent
Renting all kinds of Mercedes cars, the latest model

We offer the best price and the fastest rental service

0201011322559 – Mercedes monthly rent

The most important thing that distinguishes the company is that we always strive to satisfy the customer to the fullest,

so we offer the best price offer commensurate with everyone

The driver comes to you at the place you specify without any delay or any error,

so the driver is distinguished by his commitment to deadlines and the highest road experience

Customer service will follow your journey since its inception to provide you with the highest means of reliability and safety

 the car is sterilized before the start of the trip, in order to preserve safety, using tools of the World Health Ministry

Book a Mercedes for monthly and annual rent with Tourist Company

You can call us at number: 0201011322559 or contact us on Whats App

we will provide the car you want as soon as possible

You can also visit our company site at 3 Sebway El Masry Street, Rab’a Al Adaweya, Nasr City

working hours start from 10 am

Until 5 pm all days are except Thursday and Friday