Rent Range Rover Velar 2020

Rent a Range Rover Velar, the new model, in Cairo

Rent Range Rover Velar | 01011322559

Tourist Car Limousine Company provides Range Rover, Sport, Vogue cars to its customers for rent

The best price and the highest level of service is always offered by Tourist Rent a Car and Limousine

therefore We offer a package of Land Rover brand cars, the most luxurious among SUVs

It is a car that combines power, luxury and outstanding performance on the road at the same time

that have made it suitable for the current erase

so , it can travel long distance with best performance on the road , and it can moves on

normal , desert and snowy  roads without any problems

because it runs with a four-wheel drive system.

Therefore, Tourist Car Limousine Company has provide a special package of Range Rover cars for rent and many types of them

( Range Rover Sport – Range Rover Velar — Range Rover Vogue – ..)

Rent all types of luxury Land Rover cars, model 2020

Land Rover 2020 for rent with driver |01011322559

We offer rent a Range Rover with driver for daily rent

We also provide a service to receive tourists from Cairo Airport to their hotel or home in Cairo

In addition, we provide a travel service from Cairo with a driver

to deliver you anywhere you want at any time 

our drivers are experienced, efficient and fully aware of all roads

Rent Range Rover Velar without driver in Cairo 2020

thus, we provide our customers with cars for rent without a driver for more privacy while driving

Provided that the rental period is not less than 3 days and the age of the tenant is not less than 30 years

Daily, monthly and annual rental service is available upon request

and there are special prices for companies and businessmen 

contact information:

call or whatsapp : 01011322559 – 01062231221

Address :4 Abbas El-Akkad – First District – Nasr City, Cairo

Hyundai Entrant cars 2021 VS Hyundai Tucson for rent

Hyundai Entrant cars 2021 VS Hyundai Tucson for rent

Hyundai Entrant cars 2021 for rent – Cairo

Tourist car and limousine rental company – 01011322557

. Therefore Hyundai  Entrant Cn7 is a type of car that consumes petrol very carefully

It is absolutely inexpensive in terms of gasoline , economical and suitable for everyone however…

Rent Hyundai  Entrant 2020/2021 The new look adds luxury and style to you.

Find your favorite car with the latest and most luxurious fleet of cars in Egypt.

Rent a car Entrant at the lowest cost


Our prices are competitive for the Egyptian market

, because our goal is always to succeed, not to make money – 01011322557.

Rent a new Hyundai Entrant by driver, rent the latest Hyundai Entrant cars, the new look.

A high-speed and luxurious delivery service ,

Transportation of airports to and from the airport

, however attending meetings and conferences in a decent and distinctive manner.

High-efficiency car rental with safety and security

, the best car rental is from Tourist Company only .



Hyundai Elantra cars 2021 VS Hyundai Tucson for rent
Hyundai cars 2021 for rent – Cairo
Tourist car and limousine rental company – 01011322557

Entrant Rental Cn7  For rent – 01011322557

However Renting a car is an important idea on many occasions

however , and here are prices for the most important models

Which is spread in rental offices – 01011322557.

We offer special prices for weddings, weddings and various occasions.

We provide you with a lot of rental services , however

daily rent, monthly rent , chauffeured or without driver.

Rent the car of your dreams from Tourist Car .

Rent Hyundai Tucson for businessmen services

Enjoy the best services that Tourist Car Company  01011322557

provides to its customers however, at the most competitive prices in the Egyptian market .

The car achieved a terrible spread on the Egyptian streets

and won the confidence of many renters.

As the car is very popular and has a distinctive and attractive appearance .

We always offer you everything that is modern and upscale

in order to gain your precious trust .

With Tourist , your journey is always successful and honorable .

Contact : 01011322557 – 01551350321

Address : Abbas El-Akkad Street, Nasr City – Cairo   .,31.3269597,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x8ac1bb3da55172b2!8m2!3d30.068531!4d31.324771?authuser=1


سيارات اتش وان 2020 للايجار

سيارات اتش وان 2020 للايجار

سيارات اتش وان للايجار

ايجار سيارة هيونداي اتش H1  بمنتهي السلاسة واليسر دون الشعور بالارهاق والتعب .

تأخذك من المكان الذي تقوم بتحيده وتذهب بك اينما تريد .

ايجار هيونداي – H1 2020

عند استئجارك  هيونداي اتش وان – 01011322557 يتيح لك حرية التحرك داخل القاهرة او خارجها وزيارة الاماكن السياحية والاثرية .

مثل زيارة اهرامات الجيزة والمتحف المصري والفيوم ووادي الريان وسقارة وغيرها من الاماكن الجذابة.

هيونداي اتش وان هي الحل الانسب والاوفر  لك من حيث المساحة والسعر .

تأجير ليموزين هيونداي اتش وان الي الساحل – 01011322557

سيارات اتش وان للايجار

اذا كنت تود الذهاب في رحلة عائلية لقضاء وقت ممتع مثل الغردقة – شرم – الساحل – السخنة ….. وغيرهم من الاماكن الساحلية .

تبحث عن وسيلة نقل مريحة تسيع عدد اسرتك الصغيرة وفي نفس الوقت تشعرهم بالامان والسلامة

فالحل هو ايجار فان H1 2020 فان عائلي تسيع افراد من 4 الي 7 افراد دون الشعور بالضيق بل بالعكس تحتوي علي مقاعد متحركة قابلة للدوران حتي تكون اكثر راحة لك ولاسرتك .

تمنحك الشعور بالرفاهية والسلام طوال فترة الرحلة ، لانها مصممة علي اعلي نظم الرفاهية والحداثة.


تأجير هيونداي اتش وان الي الساحل – 01011322557
اذا كنت تود الذهاب في رحلة عائلية لقضاء وقت ممتع مثل الغردقة – شرم – الساحل – السخنة ….. وغيرهم من الاماكن الساحلية .
تبحث عن وسيلة نقل مريحة تسيع عدد اسرتك الصغيرة وفي نفس الوقت تشعرهم بالامان والسلامة


استمتع مع ايجارك فان اتش وان من شركة تورست باص

شركة تورست – 01011322557 تقدم لك خصومات وعروض مذهلة لن تراها سوي عندنا نحن فقط .

خصومات قد تصل الي 50 % وعروض واسعار خاصة للشركات وطلاب الجامعات .

نبحث دائما عن مايبحث عنه العميل ونوفره له باقل سعر وافضل خدمة .

ونظرا للاوضاع الحالية التي تمر بها البلاد بسبب وباء كورونا المستجد –  covid 19 virus

نتبع جميع اجراءات الامن والسلامة والتعقيم ، حيث اصدرت الشركة قرارا

بتعقيم جميع باصات الشركة السياحية قبل وبعد كل رحلة بالمواد المطهرة حفاظا علي صحة وسلامة عملائنا الكرام .

لا تبحث كثيرا  في شركات النقل السياحي الاخري عن ما تحتاجه ، فنحن هنا نساعدك دائما في اختيار الانسب والافضل والاأمن لك .

خدمة لمدة 24 ساعة يوميا من السبت الي الجمعة ، للاجابة عن اي تساؤلات او استفسارات .

لمعرفة المزيد عن خدمات الشركة اضغط هناايجار+اتوبيسات+مرسيدس+باصات+تويوتا+كوستر+هاي+اس+اتش+وان%E2%80%AD/@30.0546272,31.3448678,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa98680e8811ef0af!8m2!3d30.0546272!4d31.3426791?authuser=1


للحجز والتواصل 01011322557

العنوات 61 ش محمد مقلد متفرع من مصطفي النحاس – مدينة نصر


Rent Jeep Cherokee without driver

Rent Jeep Cherokee without driver

Rent Jeep cherokee – 01011322559

For those looking for beauty, pleasure and luxury converging in one car, today we recommend a Jeep Grand Cherokee for rent

One of the most beautiful 4*4 SUV , which have amazing capabilities, which makes them a luxury car

( Rent a Jeep Cherokee – Rent Grand Cherokee 2020 – Rent a Jeep Wrangler – 4*4 car rental –Rent jeep in Cairo –

Rent jeep with driver – Jeep cars for rent without driver – SUV cars for rent in Egypt)

 Jeep Grand Cherokee for tourist and vacation trips in Egypt

(Giza Pyramids – Luxor Temples – The Egyptian Museum – Aswan – Wadi El Rayan – Sharm El Sheikh – Marsa Alam – Marsa Matrouh – North Coast)

4*4 car rental in egypt – cairo – 01011322559

Advantages of renting a Rent a Jeep Cherokee 2020

01011322559 –  jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee features many amazing features as it has an intelligent car parking system, an engine start / stop button system, a rear camera, an electric sunroof, a 7-inch screen, electric side mirrors, power windows, leather seats, and more.

Rent Grand Cherokee Security and we have airport pick-up and drop-off service to anywhere in Egypt

Grand Cherokee rental is available daily, monthly and yearly upon request

The rental system is also available with or without driver

Tourist Car Limousine Company provides the best service in Egypt

01011322559 – Rent grand Cherokee

Tourist car rental company is one of the largest leading companies in the field of car rental in Egypt, so it has a fleet of 4*4 cars ready to serve you

Therefore, the company provides an airport pick-up service for tourists and visitors

Our driver has the highest level of experience and knowledge of the road, therefore he abides by the deadlines and comes to you at the place and time specified without delay or any mistake

The car also comes sterilized from the inside and outside in order to maintain safety

Reserve your car with Tourist Company

so ,You can reserve the car you want by contacting WhatsApp at: 01011322559